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Zoorasia in Yokohama

We went to a nice zoo, called Zoorasia in Yokohama. Surrounded by sprawling park grounds, a family with young ones can easily spend an pleasant day there. There are a few main attractions such as the elephants, the tigers and the  unusual okapi. The end of the trail leads into a fun playground, too!

Conversations with my 4-year old

While she was coloring her Hello Kitty coloring book and I folding laundry…. A:  Mommy, why doesn’t Kitty-chan have any lips? Me: Well, sometimes we can’t see cants lips because their faces are furry. A: Ohhhh,  Kitty-chan is a cat?? Me: Yes she is. A:  I thought she was a doggy.

Cherry Blossoms in Twilight

The cherry blossoms add a happy hue to the concrete grey backdrop of Tokyo’s buildings. I miss seeing the rust colored brick walls found on most New York buildings, even when they are crumbling or splattered with graffiti. The short time cherry blossoms are in bloom make it all the more special. This year the weather […]

Girl’s Day

We weren’t in Tokyo during the past two Girl’s Days , so we missed the chance to display Arisa’s hinaningyo dolls. When she first got them, she was just a few months old, so this is actually the first time she could appreciate them. We put them up rather late and I almost wasn’t going to […]

Happy New Year!