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The Trick Art Museum

Keiji happened to see a television program that featured some of the interesting museums in the Tokyo area. After seeing some footage on the Trick Art Museum he said “I wanna go there!”  So we headed over to the Mount Takao area, but there are actually a few different ones around. The 2 story building facade […]

Enoshima Island

Enoshima 江の島 is a tiny island that is part of Fujisawa City in Kanagawa.  From Tokyo it’s around a 2 hour drive.  We had a nice little day trip there with the kids.  They managed to climb up all the steps that lead to a small cave on the further end of the island.  For a […]

Tokyo Disney Sea Resort

We woke up Tuesday morning and decided it would be a nice day to finally check out Tokyo Disney Sea Resort. We haven’t been there before since we heard that it’s more fun for adults than younger kids. But since grandma is in town, the kids are older now and we can actually travel stroller-free […]

Visiting Kitty-chan

In the States we know her as Hello Kitty, but here in Japan she is Kitty-chan and she can be found at Sanrio Puroland (pronounced pyuroland, but I’m not sure what this means).  It’s an indoor little “theme park”  but there is really only one ride, which is similar to Disneyland’s Its a Small World. Puroland […]

Odaiba Evenings

It’s always nice to go to Odaiba during the weekday…when it’s not overcrowded with tourists and visitors. Weekends can be a bit stressful, if you don’t like crowds. All year round it can be quite enjoyable, even if just for a couple of hours. The drive is also picturesque, especially during the evening. The kids usually enjoy […]

Happy Halloween!

There are more Halloween options lately. We went to the Omotesando Halloween event. There is some sort of stamp rally where you go to shops, collect stamps on a sheet of paper then hand it in for some treats.  We were a bit late, so instead we headed straight to Omotendao Hills where there were […]


The release of the life-size Gundam in Odaiba was pretty big news over the summer. I never watched the series much, but my brother was a fan and so I knew of it. Although the idea was to show Keiji, I have to admit that I thought it was really cool too!  The details on […]


Hakone is a pretty nice place to visit. From Odawara Stationa you transfer a small train (Hakone Tozan Railway) which is rather unique because the conductor must keep switching from the front and back of the train to continue up the mountain in a sort of zigzag way. We took the train to Gora Station. […]

The Fujiya Hotel

Hakone has been a popular weekend getaway spot for Tokyoites and for that reason, Yuki and I have never been there before. I happened to see a special deal for the Fujiya Hotel in Miyanoshita, so I insisted we check out this popular place at least once in our life. The place was one of […]

Kids’ NY Outings – MoMA

We didn’t get to go to the Museum of Modern Art this time around, but it’s one of the places I hope to take the kids on the next visit. I’m all for encouraging kids’ boundless imagination and creativity. We’d go when Keiji when he was just about 1 1 /2 years old and it […]