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A Bathing Ape for Kids

BAPE recently started a kids clothing line and opened up a new shop called BAPE Kids in the Jingumae area. Miniature versions of all the adults clothing, shoes and accessories with Baby Milo prints. I was excited about getting something for K & A’s baby cousin, but to my disappointment, the smallest size their stuff […]


I never really went to a lot of malls before since I didn’t really live near any. But this time around we were on the Island for most our stay so we did lots of mall time. Roosevelt Field Mall is one of the bigger ones on the Island, but sometimes I find malls that […]

Tasty Sandwiches

Does anyone in Tokyo know where I can find a sandwich plate like this Mexican pulled pork sandwich and preferably costing only around 700 yen? This is from a cute little Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn called Pequena. I don’t find many sandwich places around me. I sometimes miss even an average deli where I can […]

The New O1O1

If you’re not from Japan and you see the bright red neon O1O1 sign, chances are you will call this store oi oi, or maybe even o one o one or zero one zero one. This is actually the logo of Marui department store and they’ve just opened up a new fancy branch in the […]

The Red Brick Warehouse

Minatomirai, Yokohama Here’s Kamen Rider Den-o posing in front of Akarenga in Yokohama (I tried to get Keiji in the shot but he insisted only Den-o wanted to be in the picture). It’s a pretty cool shopping space with a very different atmosphere from other malls. There aren’t really any children’s shops in there though. […]

Fabric Shopping

So the kids and I went to Yuzawaya in Kamata to pick up material for their costumes. It’s a great shop (good selection and less expensive than Tokyu Hands). You can find all supplies related to sewing, knitting and every type of arts and crafts. It can be a bit confusing at first to find […]

Window Shopping

Harajuku, Shibuya-ku

Window Shopping

Hysteric Glamour, Marronnier Gate Building, Ginza We checked out a few shops inside Marronnier Gate. Arisa’s favorite shop was Hysteric Glamour, which does has a small children’s section. Nice choice! But bad for my wallet. I’ll wait for Grandma. Also quite noteworthy is the fancy Tokyu Hands in the building (but it’s called Ginza Hands) […]

Window Shopping

Urban Dock LaLaport, Toyosu, Koto-ku Dagashiyumeya – fun old-school Japanese style snack shop with all sorts of snacks from various prices, some as little as 10 yen Toy figures of all kinds – anime character dolls, gundam models, kaiju (monsters) figures, superhero action figures, smurf figurines, itchy and scratchy dolls Bornelund great assortment of wooden […]

Window Shopping

Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku Dad-Way – large selection of toys by Sassy and K’s Kids, as well as useful accessories for traveling with babies.