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Hi, my name is…..Keiji-Arisa Mama

This is how I am known at the kids’ school. After chatting with someone a few times, I naturally feel I should introduce myself by giving my first name, then ask the same of the person I’m speaking to. I did it the first couple of times I talked to mothers. And I soon realized […]

The Working Mothers

Since the kids have entered nursery school, I have many opportunities to chat with other working moms. Although there is still a bit of a language barrier, for the most part I can get by at least with basic small talk. There is something different about the Japanese mothers here (by here, I guess I […]

Tokyo Summers

It feels like summer is practically over already. Although afternoons are still really humid, the evening breeze feels slightly cooler these days. I would have liked to take more trips to the beach but we only really have Sundays when we can all go, and not every Sunday was a good beach weather day. But […]

Ueno Park 上野公園

Ueno Kouen, Taito-ku Many museums and the zoo are located within Ueno Park, but Ueno Park itself is quite a nice place to spend the day. There are lots of places of interest for the children – the space in front of the huge fountain, the playground, live performers, the huge steam locomotive and life-size […]

Kids on the Street

Seaside Fishing Park, Yokosuka, Kanagawa This little boy rides a skateboard fearlessly! Keiji and I watched him try ollies (he managed a bit of air), go down slopes, take tumbles with ease and get back on his board in a flash. And he’s only 5 years old.

Moms on the Street

Triton Square, Kachidoki I’ve noticed that in Tokyo it’s pretty common to see mothers going for a stroll wearing high heels, designer accessories and purses. Her heel height is quite low but I’ve seen a few mothers pushing strollers in stilettos. Sun hats also seem to be more popular over sunglasses.

Mom on the Street

Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku