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Kids’ NY Outings – MoMA

We didn’t get to go to the Museum of Modern Art this time around, but it’s one of the places I hope to take the kids on the next visit. I’m all for encouraging kids’ boundless imagination and creativity. We’d go when Keiji when he was just about 1 1 /2 years old and it […]

Kids’ NY Outings – FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz, NYC I’m very grateful that Auntie Jackie and Grandma insisted we take the kids to the 5th Avenue FAO Schwarz. The last time I went there was when the store was going through some financial difficulties so the store was scaled down and seemed sparse, from how I remember it. I was pleasantly […]

Take-out Heaven

Okay I admit it – one of the things I miss about NYC is the abundance of delivery menu options! How I took it for granted when I was just too tired (or lazy) to cook dinner, knowing I could look through the pile of menus or go to the good old reliable Chinese take-out. […]

Kids’ NY Outings

Fifth Avenue is always appealing to shoppers visiting NYC since all the designer shops can be found on this long avenue that runs Uptown to Downtown. Fortunately for shoppers with children, there are lots of appealing places for the younger ones too. In the 57th street area you can find the Central Park Zoo, FAO […]

February in New York

It snowed twice in February. The kids and I enjoyed it since we were indoors and didn’t have to trek out anywhere. I can’t remember the last time I shoveled snow so doing that was actually quite a novelty again, too. Though I’m grateful I don’t need to do that multiple times every winter!