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It’s time for mizu asobi- playing in the water. The parks all over Tokyo have so many kinds of water fountains for kids to splash around in.┬áThis park is about 5 minutes away from Heiwajima station.

Bobby and Steve We looked after these two little guys while in New York. To this day when Arisa sees a picture of a cat or any cat walking by, she calls it Steve or Bobby.

Christmas Illumination at Tokyo Disney

We took Grandma to Tokyo Disney so she could soak in some of the Disney holiday cheer. Arisa is very much a Minnie fan now so we decided that our plan for the day would be to check out the Christmas parade, the Minnie Oh Minnie show, and the Lighting of Cinderella’s castle, take a […]

Kamen Rider Den-O

What started as an interest in a strange-looking toy train that came in a box with candy is now turning into Keiji’s first real obsession with a Japanese television series. Apparently, this toy train he loves to play with is called the DenLiner, which is supposed to be a train of time in a series […]

Children’s TV Programs in Japan

On NHK NHK channel is like the PBS in Japan, airing programs like those shown on New York’s Channel 13. In the mornings, starting at 7 am and in late afternoons, starting at 4 pm there are children’s programs that run consecutively without any commercial interruptions for 2 hours. I don’t care what experts say […]