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World of the kooopas

This is Keiji’s interpretation of Mario’s World.  You know Mario, right?  Every boy in elementary school here (and some  kindergardeners) has a Nintendo DS.  We happened to have one which wasn’t being used. It was a Christmas gift Yuki  had gotten at his previous job. We decided to let K use it on the 13-hour […]

The Trick Art Museum

Keiji happened to see a television program that featured some of the interesting museums in the Tokyo area. After seeing some footage on the Trick Art Museum he said “I wanna go there!”  So we headed over to the Mount Takao area, but there are actually a few different ones around. The 2 story building facade […]

Odaiba Evenings

It’s always nice to go to Odaiba during the weekday…when it’s not overcrowded with tourists and visitors. Weekends can be a bit stressful, if you don’t like crowds. All year round it can be quite enjoyable, even if just for a couple of hours. The drive is also picturesque, especially during the evening. The kids usually enjoy […]

Kids’ NY Outings – FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz, NYC I’m very grateful that Auntie Jackie and Grandma insisted we take the kids to the 5th Avenue FAO Schwarz. The last time I went there was when the store was going through some financial difficulties so the store was scaled down and seemed sparse, from how I remember it. I was pleasantly […]

Kids’ NY Outings

Fifth Avenue is always appealing to shoppers visiting NYC since all the designer shops can be found on this long avenue that runs Uptown to Downtown. Fortunately for shoppers with children, there are lots of appealing places for the younger ones too. In the 57th street area you can find the Central Park Zoo, FAO […]

Cherry Blossom Viewing

  We didn’t make it to Chidorigafuchi or Naka Meguro this year to see cherry blossoms there. From reports I heard, it was very beautiful but also crowded, as expected. We’ll try to make it there one year. We did make it to Yasukuni, but it was too early and the cherry blossoms weren’t in […]

The Sky Court

The Sky Court play area on the 5th floor of the Kawasaki Be department store is closed. They are renovating the building and have already opened the first 3 floors. I’m not sure if they will keep the sky court, but hopefully they will. It was a good place to let the kids run and […]

By the River

When I used to watch Japanese TV dramas that Yuki would rent back in NY, the dramas often had scenes of uniform-clad school kids walking home from school along a path that looked like it was on top of a long, grassy hill. Now I see where they were walking.  In every town in Tokyo […]

Ponyo, the Fish Child

If you live in Japan, you must’ve heard the Ponyo theme song at least once. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is the latest Studio Ghibli animated film (creators of Totoro, Princess Mononoke and others). Keiji and Arisa were singing it one day and I had no idea what it was, but next thing […]

Matsuri Treats

Some やたい (yatai) food stalls you can always find at Japanese festivals: Jagabata じゃがバター Steamed potato with butter Yaki ikaやきいか Grilled squid Okonomiyaki おこのみやきJapanese style pan-fried “pizza” with ingredients such as cabbage, pork, shrimp, octopus, squid (okonomi means “what you like” and yaki means “grilled”) Takoyaki たこやきPan-fried balls with octopus pieces and veggies inside, usually topped […]