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Happy Holidays!

Christmas was extra festive because the grandparents were here to celebrate with us. I am used to celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, so I really must do something on December 24 and 25 to acknowledge the holiday, no matter what day of the week it falls on and even though they are […]

Shichi Go San!

So, in November the kids celebrated 七五三(しちごさん)shichi – go  -san,  which literally means 7 – 5- 3.  In Japanese tradition, these are the ages boys and girls could wear a kimono for the first time and would mark a special time for them. So on a day in November boys ages 5 and girls ages 3 […]

The Omikoshi for Kids

Each year, during the town festival, apart from all the food and games stalls, residents can participate in carrying an omikoshi or portable shrine. It is said that the portable shrine temporarily houses the gods of that town’s main shrine. On the first day of the festival weekend, people from each town gather at the […]

Happy Halloween!

There are more Halloween options lately. We went to the Omotesando Halloween event. There is some sort of stamp rally where you go to shops, collect stamps on a sheet of paper then hand it in for some treats.  We were a bit late, so instead we headed straight to Omotendao Hills where there were […]


The release of the life-size Gundam in Odaiba was pretty big news over the summer. I never watched the series much, but my brother was a fan and so I knew of it. Although the idea was to show Keiji, I have to admit that I thought it was really cool too!  The details on […]

An Afternoon at Akasaka Sacas 赤坂サカス

Until April 19th, there is a cute little carousel and replica SL train for kids (and adults) to ride at Akasaka Sacas. Apart from this event, the Akasaka Sacas complex itself doesn’t have as much space for kids to run around and explore as say Tokyo Midtown or Roppongi Hills. If you are in the […]

Happy Halloween!

In Japan Halloween is sometimes called Day of the Ghosts or Obake no hi おばけの日 This year we went to the Harajuku Halloween event to try to watch the kids parade that goes along Omotesando. Some shops gave out some candies and treats and you could get a special sheet of paper stamped from each […]

Our First Undokai 運動会 Sports Day

  There is a Japanese national holiday on the second Monday of October known as Health and Sports Day, a day to promote health and physical and mental well-being. Many schools, including ours, hold a sports day during this time, which is like a mini-Olympics with games and some little choreographed performances by each grade. […]

The Festival at Ikegami

On the weekend of October 11th-13th was the O-eshiki Buddhist Festival. The festival commemorates the anniversary of the death of Nichiren Shonin, a Buddhist monk who is credited as founder of the Nichiren Sect, which teaches the chanting of Namu Myho Renge Kyo as an essential practice. In his later years, Nichiren traveled trying to […]