Tokyo Disney Sea Resort


We woke up Tuesday morning and decided it would be a nice day to finally check out Tokyo Disney Sea Resort. We haven’t been there before since we heard that it’s more fun for adults than younger kids. But since grandma is in town, the kids are older now and we can actually travel stroller-free (wooohooo!), we figured it could be a nice change from Tokyo Disney to see recreated 1920’s New York City, Venice canals and Arabian night scenery… and Arisa would still get to see Mickey and Minnie.


For last-minute planning the day went quite well. My friend was kind enough to give me a coupon that she found in the newspaper, making the tickets 4,800 yen for adults and 2,900 yen for children ages 4 – 11. There are usually special discounts coupons lurking about- so it’s good to check the convenience stores or newspapers ads or just ask friends if they know of any.

What made it extra lucky that day was the lack of crowds! We managed to go on a lot of rides, even the usually long-wait-time rides like Indiana Jones, without waiting at all.  The longest wait that day was probably 10 minutes. Even the line to wait for a photo with Minnie was not half as long as the typical wait time to pose with Mickey in his house. We attributed it to the fact that it was a Tuesday and a couple of weeks after Golden Week, so most people were are taking any days of f on the weekday or traveling much after GW.


It was quite an enjoyable day! The kids had fun and there were enough rides for them to go on. Arisa especially enjoyed the Mermaid Lagoon area, where they rode the jelly fish ride which goes up and down. To my surprise, they even rode Flounder’s Fish Coaster, which looked pretty fast. Keiji enjoyed the Aquatopia ride, which look like mini hovercrafts that spin around the water. Although they did say they like Disneyland more at the end of the night as we walked out into the empty parking lot, it seemed that they had a pretty good time.  The one drawback of the day – strong winds. So the evening show and fireworks were cancelled.  Other than that, it was a lovely day indeed.

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