Happy Holidays!

IMG_5811Christmas was extra festive because the grandparents were here to celebrate with us. I am used to celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, so I really must do something on December 24 and 25 to acknowledge the holiday, no matter what day of the week it falls on and even though they are still regular workdays.  We had a fantastic dinner at home, although I doubted at first we’d all fit for a sit-down meal in our small eat in kitchen! Seeing the splendor of the fancy ornaments and lights in the ritzy shopping areas can certainly make one feel the beauty of the season, but the smell of food roasting in the oven, the laughter of the kids and their grandparents and seeing everyones smiling faces here at home all together reminded be about what truly brings the real spirit of the holidays. The warmth of being together, sharing, laughing and the small act of giving up even just a little a bit of our selfish whims for other’s during the season makes for a much more illuminating Christmas.   I wish you all a wonderful holiday season !!

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