Shichi Go San!

IMG_5636So, in November the kids celebrated 七五三(しちごさん)shichi – go  -san,  which literally means 7 – 5- 3.  In Japanese tradition, these are the ages boys and girls could wear a kimono for the first time and would mark a special time for them. So on a day in November boys ages 5 and girls ages 3 and 7 get dressed in kimonos and go to the temple for special prayers for their health, happiness and well-being.  Seeing them go through the process of getting dressed and all done up in kimono and hakama (for boys) was one of those moments I could shed a tear over the bittersweetness of realizing kids are getting older. When we first arrived Tokyo, Arisa was still strapped to my back all the time and Keiji still asking us to carry him .  How time flies. And to think they aren’t even in elementary school yet and already I’m starting to feel like my babies are growing so fast.  It was a memorable day.



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