Odaiba Evenings

IMG_4985It’s always nice to go to Odaiba during the weekday…when it’s not overcrowded with tourists and visitors. Weekends can be a bit stressful, if you don’t like crowds. All year round it can be quite enjoyable, even if just for a couple of hours. The drive is also picturesque, especially during the evening. The kids usually enjoy running around the large open outdoor spaces and looking through the shops.  It’s easy to walk from Aqua City all the way to Venus Fort by using the convenient walkways. During the summer, it’s fun to play on the man-made mini beach. There is the space-station-like Fuji TV station, where you can ride these really long escalators and at the top, enter a small observatory deck to get a nice view of Tokyo.  There’s even a miniature Statue of Liberty to remind me of home.

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