Kids Songs~ Gu Choki Pare

This is one of the cute Japanese songs the kids like singing, which is very simple enough for me to sing, too.

It goes to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” and the words are something like this…

guu choki pare, guu choki pare ぐうちょき ぱあれ ぐうちょき ぱあれ (rock, scissor, paper. rock, scissor, paper) – while singing this part the kids do the appropriate hand signs for rock, scissors and paper

nani tsukuttaroo? nani tsukuttaroo? なに つくったろう? なに つくったろう? (What shall we make? What shall we make?) – while singing this they usually sway their head and open palms left to right

hidari te wa GU migi te wa PARE  ひだりて は ぐう みぎ (left hand is “rock.” right hand is “paper.”) – while singing this part, make the rock hand symbol with the left hand, and the paper with the right

herikoptaa herikoptaa ヘリコプター ヘリコプター (helicopter) – while singing this, place right hand (paper) over left hand (rock) and turn hands to gesture a moving a helicopter

Then you can repeat the song, but changing the ending with either Gu, Choki or Pare with right and left hands. The other possible combination endings can go:

hidari te wa GU migi te wa GU…..yukidaruma  yukidaruma (snowman)

hidari te wa CHOKI migi te was GU….katatsumuri   katatsumuri  (snail)

hidari te wa GU  migi te wa CHOKI….usagi  usagi  (rabbit)

So I guess this is officially the first Japanese kids song I can sing in its entirety without messing up the words.  Or so I think…..

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