Take-out Heaven

Okay I admit it – one of the things I miss about NYC is the abundance of delivery menu options! How I took it for granted when I was just too tired (or lazy) to cook dinner, knowing I could look through the pile of menus or go to the good old reliable Chinese take-out. Then piping hot food is brought to your door within half an hour. We indulged in food delivery quite a bit while we were there- it was our vacation after all. Uncle Pete got Keiji hooked on buffalo wings.


I won’t even get started about the pizza…anyone who knows me must be sick of hearing me talk about NY pizza. I’ve ordered pizza in Japan and although delivery is getting more popular here and the menu photos look delicious with all the crazy assortment of toppings, I don’t like spending $50 for two medium sized pizzas from Dominoes or Pizza Hut. My mother-in-law introduced me to Costco Japan’s “regular-sized” slices of pizza at the “normal” price…so we may need to get Costco membership just for that.

But in Japan, the availability of prepared foods at supermarkets and “bento” take-out boxes is really good. I suppose this is why most people here don’t really need to do delivery- one can easily go to a supermarket or convenience store and get katsudon, karage, curry rice, yakitori, sushi and many other kinds of dishes. Not too bad at all.

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