Happy Halloween!

In Japan Halloween is sometimes called Day of the Ghosts or Obake no hi おばけの日


This year we went to the Harajuku Halloween event to try to watch the kids parade that goes along Omotesando. Some shops gave out some candies and treats and you could get a special sheet of paper stamped from each shop. After getting 10 different stamps you can get a prize. Although the website says the event is from 11 am – 6pm, by 2:30 pm almost all the shops had no more candies or treats to give out and if you start collecting stamps from different shops at that time there is no way to collect enough required for the prize. We were too late for the parade as well. So getting there around the start time is probably better. Anyhow the kids had fun going out in their costumes and seeing other kids dressed up. Can you guess who the kids are this year? You might need to live in Japan to know who Keiji is.

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