The Festival at Ikegami


On the weekend of October 11th-13th was the O-eshiki Buddhist Festival. The festival commemorates the anniversary of the death of Nichiren Shonin, a Buddhist monk who is credited as founder of the Nichiren Sect, which teaches the chanting of Namu Myho Renge Kyo as an essential practice. In his later years, Nichiren traveled trying to reach the hot springs to find a cure for his illness but passed away at Ikegami. He founded Honmonji Temple just before his death. So every year at Honmonji Temple is a big celebration in his honor. We attended the the second night of the festival. It’s beautiful to see the parade of beautifully lit-up mando followed by a lively procession of followers beating drums, playing flutes and chanting as they make their way to Honmonji.


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  1. vickysnyder says:

    Wow…that must have been quite a sight to see! Sounds like it was beautiful.

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