Our First Undokai 運動会 Sports Day


There is a Japanese national holiday on the second Monday of October known as Health and Sports Day, a day to promote health and physical and mental well-being. Many schools, including ours, hold a sports day during this time, which is like a mini-Olympics with games and some little choreographed performances by each grade. Since the kids are only in nursery school it was not too competitive like older grades, but it was so cute! Even Arisa’s class had a little mini obstacle course where they walk over a little bridge, crawl through a tunnel, then reach the goal. Then there was also a short race. Both were done with a parent. Keiji’s group did a pirate-themed number (isn’t that perfect Auntie Jackie?) for their performance. They had an obstacle course as well which involved jumping down from a stack of planks and tapping a tambourine while jumping off, then running over some rings on the ground, then a parent would give them a piggy back ride to their goal, where they’d get a gold medal from inside a treasure box. The parents have a game as well. We were separated into two teams. Each person wore a string around an ankle, with a balloon at then end. Then each team had to try to pop the other teams balloons. Whichever team had the most balloons left won. It was actually pretty tiring after all the activities were over. It was really fun though. The kids did so well! I can’t believe they can already follow  choreographed routines. Another  Japanese event I often heard about and have seen on TV dramas and finally got to experience for myself.

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