By the River


When I used to watch Japanese TV dramas that Yuki would rent back in NY, the dramas often had scenes of uniform-clad school kids walking home from school along a path that looked like it was on top of a long, grassy hill. Now I see where they were walking.  In every town in Tokyo a river is always nearby. Along the top of these river banks, or dote どて (for example Arakawa dote 荒川土手 means Arakwaa River banks) is a paved path for joggers, cyclists, or people going for a stroll. You could literally follow the path and go to every town that the river connects. The kids love to go walking along the river. You could kill lots of time there since also along the banks are playgrounds and grassy fields where you’ll find many people practicing sports, flying kites, skating, having picnics or fishing. Time always seem to go by more slowly along these peaceful river banks.



  1. vickysnyder says:

    Sounds like a lovely place to go when the weather is nice 🙂

  2. jay says:

    great photos! those blue bars look posterized in photoshop- almost unreal 🙂 look at her cute outfit, i think a grown up version of that would look pretty hip hehe

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