Posts from ‘October, 2008’

Happy Halloween!

In Japan Halloween is sometimes called Day of the Ghosts or Obake no hi おばけの日 This year we went to the Harajuku Halloween event to try to watch the kids parade that goes along Omotesando. Some shops gave out some candies and treats and you could get a special sheet of paper stamped from each […]

Our First Undokai 運動会 Sports Day

  There is a Japanese national holiday on the second Monday of October known as Health and Sports Day, a day to promote health and physical and mental well-being. Many schools, including ours, hold a sports day during this time, which is like a mini-Olympics with games and some little choreographed performances by each grade. […]

The Festival at Ikegami

On the weekend of October 11th-13th was the O-eshiki Buddhist Festival. The festival commemorates the anniversary of the death of Nichiren Shonin, a Buddhist monk who is credited as founder of the Nichiren Sect, which teaches the chanting of Namu Myho Renge Kyo as an essential practice. In his later years, Nichiren traveled trying to […]

By the River

When I used to watch Japanese TV dramas that Yuki would rent back in NY, the dramas often had scenes of uniform-clad school kids walking home from school along a path that looked like it was on top of a long, grassy hill. Now I see where they were walking.  In every town in Tokyo […]