Tokyo Summers


It feels like summer is practically over already. Although afternoons are still really humid, the evening breeze feels slightly cooler these days. I would have liked to take more trips to the beach but we only really have Sundays when we can all go, and not every Sunday was a good beach weather day. But the beaches close to Tokyo are notoriously crowded, so it’s not exactly a relaxing time. I still have a hard time tackling the crowds here even though I grew up in a pretty big city. The beach at Zushi was not terribly crowded for a summer weekend. There was a pretty mixed crowd of people – groups of teen-agers, families, foreigners, couples. Along the beach is a row of restaurants and bars that give the place a lively atmosphere, but not as rowdy as the beach at Enoshima.


There are lots of places to take the family during the summer, but I am learning to always expect a crowd. If you can disregard the crowds , the pools here are great. When people say the pool, I really think it is just one big swimming pool. It’s not – it’s a whole mini indoor water park with one large swimming pool, a ring-shaped pool with flowing water (where you can sit on a floaty tube and drift along as if you were on a river), a shallow wading pool for babies and toddlers with toys, and some even have a hot spring area with all sorts of baths with jacuzzi jets. They usually cost somewhere between 1200 – 2500 yen, depending on the area, but you could really spend the whole day there.

There are even free places to take the kids for water splashing fun. So many public parks all over Tokyo have elaborate water fountain areas specifically for kids to splash around in. I find there are a lot of these things in Tokyo that make it pretty cool for young kids to enjoy.

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