Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Hoikuen 保育園, Tokyo’s Public Nursery School

Last year, in reference to preschools, I kept hearing the words yochien and hoikuen thrown around amongst mothers. I had no idea what they were talking about and I wasn’t really looking forward to the whole application process, figuring it’d just be a headache with all the Japanese paperwork involved. Yochien is private nursery school […]

Tokyo Summers

It feels like summer is practically over already. Although afternoons are still really humid, the evening breeze feels slightly cooler these days. I would have liked to take more trips to the beach but we only really have Sundays when we can all go, and not every Sunday was a good beach weather day. But […]

First Time in Fukushima

About a 3-hour drive north of Tokyo is Fukushima Prefecture. We took a little overnight trip out there, but I can’t recall the name of where we were exactly! It’s a quaint fishing town along the Pacific, in the southern area of Hamadori.

Rice Cracker!

Keiji and his giant shrimp rice cracker