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The Importance of Leisure

I read an interesting article/interview in the NY times today about the importance of using leisure time wisely. It says  the field of leisure studies is a big area of academic study. Leisure has many different definitions — some involving time, some relating to an activity being done, some relating to state of mind. The […]

Beloved Sakura Season

I think everyone in Japan looks forward to sakura time. The news will have forecasts tracking when the blooms will appear in each area. We had our little hanami party at Ueno Kouen, Yoyogi Kouen, and Shinjuku Gyoen this year. Each park has such different atmospheres and their own character. But of the three parks […]

Sweets Forest

  There’s a place in Jiyugaoka called Sweets Forest. It’s like a cute little food court decorated as forest with fake trees, but there are only dessert stalls. We tried this lovely concoction of strawberry ice cream similar to Cold Stone Creamery on top of a fresh mini waffle from Mixn Mixream. I wish I […]

The International Library of Children’s Literature

 Ueno Kouen The ILCL is a nice spot to take the kids on a rainy day or just to rest while in Ueno Park. The recently renovated library has a decent selection of books in English and some other languages. There’s also a reasonably priced cafe with outdoor seating, good for lunch or a snack.

Best Friends With Babies

The trio are all mothers now. We’ve been friends since the 4th grade and have gone through a lot together. We all live far away from each other but we finally had a little reunion in NYC. Hopefully we can do it more often. It was their first meeting but it didn’t take long for […]

Bobby and Steve We looked after these two little guys while in New York. To this day when Arisa sees a picture of a cat or any cat walking by, she calls it Steve or Bobby.

Jeff, Melinda and 2-day old, Myles

Evan, Rosicel and 4-month old Arjen