What’s for Brunch?

The Popover Cafe, New York City

I miss brunch. I can eat Eggs Benedict, waffles with sausage, or a stack of pancakes at any time of the day. But I do love a hearty breakfast served at noon. On our last weekend in NYC, my family took the kids and I to a yummy Sunday brunch at The Popover Cafe. It was about a 45-minute wait, which I think is the norm for Sunday brunch on the Upper West Side for some reason. Well, I suppose a lot of people in NY generally love brunch. Perhaps because we all wake up too late on weekends but don’t want to skip the breakfast foods, and having a mimosa at 8am feels rather early.




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  1. vickysnyder says:

    Mmmmm…brunch! How’d the kids do waiting so long? You are so brave and cool for bringing them to the city! My hubby won’t let me take Ethan to Manhattan when we visit, heh heh heh…

    We loved seeing you and spending time with the kids altogether. I’m so happy we got the chance to do that. I’m looking forward to the next time we get to see each other.

    Love from the Midwest, Vicky

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