Holiday Memories

The end of last year went by like a whirlwind. My folks were in town and Keiji and Arisa always enjoy quality time with their grandparents. Soon after they left we had to prepare for our trip and deal with boring things like getting my re-entry permit at Immigration office. It’s really only now that I can go through all the photos taken during that holiday week.


I wish we could’ve hosted a traditional Christmas family dinner at our place but perhaps another year it will be possible. So on Christmas Eve we went to Jinya in Ebisu, a robatayaki place. It’s cozy and dimly-lit with tatami floor seats and they serve lots of tasty izakaya fare plus nabe- a very comfortable place to get out from a cold winter night.


And for Christmas Day lunch we went to The French Kitchen Brasserie. It was a lunch buffet in which appetizers and desserts were all you could eat and you choose one main course. Many things from appetizer buffet bar for the kids -an egg station where they will cook your eggs to order, a fresh fruit station, salad fixings, cheese,  bread, and desserts.


Spending the holidays in Tokyo was very different than what my parents are normally used to but at least there is enough Western influence that places all over Tokyo are decorated for the season with Christmas trees and lights that make it feel like back home. It’s nice to be surrounded by the sparkle and shine of the season but what ends up counting the most is the company of loved ones and sharing the time together.  Their stay here really made the holidays extra special for us.

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