Posts from ‘March, 2008’

What’s for Brunch?

The Popover Cafe, New York City I miss brunch. I can eat Eggs Benedict, waffles with sausage, or a stack of pancakes at any time of the day. But I do love a hearty breakfast served at noon. On our last weekend in NYC, my family took the kids and I to a yummy Sunday […]

New York Stories

Last month the kids and I had the chance to visit my home state and stay at an amazing beach-front house on Long Island, which is just about an hour east of Manhattan. It was like being in a peaceful oasis so close to the city. Too bad it was winter in New York at […]

A lot of people in Tokyo feel…

Keiji’s observations one day as we were traveling on our way home at around 5:30pm: We entered a train and I see a seat so I tell Keiji to grab it. It wasn’t terribly crowded but people were still rushing to claim a seat. As Keiji arrived at the free seat, a woman stepped in […]

Holiday Memories

The end of last year went by like a whirlwind. My folks were in town and Keiji and Arisa always enjoy quality time with their grandparents. Soon after they left we had to prepare for our trip and deal with boring things like getting my re-entry permit at Immigration office. It’s really only now that […]

Working Moms in Tokyo

Now that we’ve been back and all settled in again I have to start thinking about going back to work and finding daycare for the kids. I’ve somewhat been avoiding this whole process because I dread going to the city hall and trying to communicate with my broken Japanese. Private daycare costs 45,000 yen+ (roughly […]


I was really worried how it’d be to travel back to Tokyo from New York by myself with Keiji and Arisa. I hear some pretty bad stories from parents who travel with their young children. Although I traveled with the two of them once before, it was only a 4 hour flight and Arisa was […]

Back in Tokyo!

If anyone has been wondering why there haven’t been any new posts since the beginning of the year it’s because the kids and I spent the past 5 weeks back home in New York. It was our first time back since we moved to Tokyo and prior to arriving there I was really curious how […]