What’s for Lunch?

Kurazushi くら寿司, Shinagawa


Yuki found this kaitenzushi place near Shinagawa Intercity called Kurazushi and all plates cost 105 yen. They have a pretty decent selection for the price. It’s very family friendly there, with large booth tables and bar type seating all along the conveyor belt. Apart from the typical selection of raw fish they also have an assortment of more creative non-fish rolls like kalbi rolls, hamburg rolls and crab salad rolls for the kids. The kids all seemed to be too engrossed watching the sushi pass by on the conveyor belt anyhow. They love being able to chose their own dishes. Just be sure you keep an eye on how many plates they pick up from the conveyor belt! If the boys get antsy, they can watch the trains passing by as the windows overlook the Shinagawa train tracks.  This place gets really crowded so its best to go earlier or later than the usual meal times.

To get to Kurazushi, get off at Shinagawa station and follow the walkway towards the Intercontinental Strings Hotel. Continue past the hotel, along that walkway going all the way towards the tall condominiums. You’ll pass by Office Depot and the Mitsubishi Showroom. Continue following the walkway, making a right turn, then a left turn. The walkway connects to another building near Shinagawa train tracks, and at the end is the restaurant.

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