The Teien Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Meguro

Grandma is back in town. I thought she would enjoy seeing the Jewels of Tiffany exhibit on display now at the Teien Art Museum. So the kids and I took her there a few days ago. It was a really lovely exhibit img_1115-01.jpg(though I pretty much had to breeze by) and a very nice little museum. To my surprise, Keiji and Arisa did rather well and were well-behaved, yet entertaining themselves. The only thing which turned the day sour for me was while the kids and I were waiting for Grandma in an empty corridor connecting two exhibition rooms, which was safely away from all the displays. An old hag nearby heard Keiji and Arisa laugh and she was so appalled to hear them laughing that she said to the guards that they had no place being there. After she expressed her disbelief, all the security guards began bowing at her, profuse with their sumimasens and apologizing for our presence there. Then they began to tail us as if we were going to terrorize all the olds ladies. But prior to her complaint, no one minded at all us except perhaps to smile or  commented “kawaii”, how cute.  Anyhow, I restrained myself and just let it go without screaming at her or the guards although I really really wanted to say something. I just finished looking at the rest of the Tiffany jewels and then took the kids to the garden, while Grandma finished looking at all the galleries. At least we were still able to spend a nice time out in the garden, which is a pretty peaceful place to take a rest, have a snack or lunch. The kids ran around some big sculpture, so they were at least able to get out all that energy. It’s a nice museum but not exactly friendly and if I have to take someone there again, I’ll probably just stay in the garden with the kids. I think that sucks, but this is Japan, where everyone is supposed to stay in their proper place.



  1. jay says:

    sheesh whatta grouchy ol hag- i guess thats the old school for ya. guess it’s about picking the battles aye?

    great photos, happy moments in time…

  2. vickysnyder says:

    Too bad about the old lady. I’m surprised. I usually think that little children can cheer up anybody, especially someone who has seen so much given her age. Better to just let it go and realize that she must be having some issues. Too bad she missed out on the delight of your happy children.

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