Posts from ‘November, 2007’

Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas

All over Tokyo now there are Christmas Illuminations, the name for all the holiday lights, decorations and ornaments on display at popular shopping areas. Tokyo definitely looks full of Christmas spirit and all the places are picture perfect. Here is Keiji at Ebisu Garden Place during their Baccarat Eternal Lights Christmas Illumination. He’s running down […]

Everything is in Japanese…

but the children didn’t seem to notice when we got here. Keiji arrived here last year, speaking only English. Although Yuki spoke to him in Japanese since he was a baby, he would always reply back in English. Yuki was the only one speaking to him in Japanese at the time and his only other […]

Shichi-go-san 七五三

Shichi go san, are the numbers seven, five and three in Japanese. Shichi-go-san is also the celebration for boys who  are 5 years old and girls are 3 and 7 years old. After doing a little research I found that the tradition started around the Heian period (794-1185). The nobles considered these ages a very […]

What’s for Lunch?

Kurazushi くら寿司, Shinagawa Yuki found this kaitenzushi place near Shinagawa Intercity called Kurazushi and all plates cost 105 yen. They have a pretty decent selection for the price. It’s very family friendly there, with large booth tables and bar type seating all along the conveyor belt. Apart from the typical selection of raw fish they […]

The Teien Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Meguro Grandma is back in town. I thought she would enjoy seeing the Jewels of Tiffany exhibit on display now at the Teien Art Museum. So the kids and I took her there a few days ago. It was a really lovely exhibit (though I pretty much had to breeze […]

Cute Macaroni

This Hello Kitty macaroni is great. When I’m too tired to really prepare lunch or even dinner. I just boil these for around 8-9 minutes and after draining, I add some cheese, butter, milk, and whatever veggies we have in the freezer. And the kids always seem to be excited over the “special” Kitty mac […]

The Red Brick Warehouse

Minatomirai, Yokohama Here’s Kamen Rider Den-o posing in front of Akarenga in Yokohama (I tried to get Keiji in the shot but he insisted only Den-o wanted to be in the picture). It’s a pretty cool shopping space with a very different atmosphere from other malls. There aren’t really any children’s shops in there though. […]

The Kawasaki Halloween Parade

The Saturday before Halloween was pouring rain the entire day, which meant all the Halloween events for that day was pretty much canceled. Sunday turned out to be beautiful weather in contrast so we all went to check out the festivities in Kawasaki. I was surprised to see lots of people, both adults and children […]