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Thomas and Tinkerbell

Here are the final costumes   Happy Halloween!

Fabric Shopping

So the kids and I went to Yuzawaya in Kamata to pick up material for their costumes. It’s a great shop (good selection and less expensive than Tokyu Hands). You can find all supplies related to sewing, knitting and every type of arts and crafts. It can be a bit confusing at first to find […]

A Halloween Parade !

I found a couple of Halloween events in the Tokyo area. There is the annual Roppongi Hills Halloween Parade on Saturday October 27, from 11:00- 13:30. In the area, the Stomp Stamp store is giving candy to kids in costume.  Tokyo City View is also giving candy to kids in costume who shout “trick or […]

Riding Tokyo Trains with Tots

I’ve been riding trains since I was about 4 years old. I think my first time to ride the NYC subway by myself was when I was in the 5th grade, after school, on my way to my mom’s office in Manhattan. I remember sometimes meeting her there so we could go somewhere together after […]

Trick or Treat-ing around Tokyo?

Halloween is next week! Back home my friends and I used to always check out the NYC Halloween parade in the village. Anyone in costume can join in the parade. It’s always amusing seeing the home-made creations people come up with.  I made Keiji’s first Halloween costume out of some fuzzy brown fabric I found […]

My Budding Photographer

Following in his grandpa’s footsteps, Keiji is becoming a quite a photographer. He always wants to take a photo, but I am a bit reluctant to hand over my digital camera when we are outdoors and walking along concrete. When it feels relatively safe I will hand the camera over to him he is always […]

What’s for Lunch?

Akasaka Fukineki 赤坂ふきねき, Tameikesanno, Minato-ku We met Koichi for lunch and went to Akasaka Fukineki. He introduced hitsumabushi. It looks like unadon (grilled eel over rice) but it’s different because it is eaten in 3 steps so that you can enjoy unagi in 3 different tastes. The first step is to take some rice and […]

Window Shopping

Harajuku, Shibuya-ku