Posts from ‘August, 2007’

Jidoukan Closeup – Shibaura Island

Children and Senior Citizens Plaza, Minato-ku The original plan was to go to the Minato Hotto Room jidoukan but a police officer at a koban near Tamachi Station told us that facility might have closed down so he directed us to the new Children and Senior Citizen Plaza on Shibaura Island. It turned out to […]

Happy Birthday Hina!

Hina just turned 3 years old! She had a lovely barbecue party at Shiokaze Park 潮風公園 in Odaiba, which has a really nice barbecue spot underneath rows of trees.   There’s also a great water fountain area just a few feet away where kids can splash around and a playground set up as a wooden ship. […]

Jidoukan Closeup – Akihabara

Chiyoda Parkside Plaza, Chiyoda-ku 千代田区 We recently checked out the jidoukan on the 6th floor of the Chiyoda Parkside Plaza in Akihabara. The facilities are quite new. For younger children there is a pretty spacious and bright room with many toys and books and also huge gymnasium for sports (which is available for the younger […]

Happy Birthday Wes!

Wes turned 2! And Ema’s Daddy turned a year older as well! So there was a joint birthday barbecue party in Kashiwa to celebrate. It was a fun gathering in full summer style. On the grill was a very flavorful mix of torinegi yakitori, Croatian sausages, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, and peppers. And […]

Toddler Snacks

I discovered this Ginbis edamame snack for kids from my friend but I never could find them at the grocery stores by my place.

What’s for Lunch?

Look at this monstrous pizza. It’s the new Double Roll pizza from Pizza Hut. I saw the commercial for it on tv and just had to try it. It’s got half sausage-stuffed crust, and half cheese-stuffed crust. Half of it is the Hamburg Pizza, with mini hamburger patties, corn, and tomatoes and the other half […]

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Kouen 代々木公園, Shibuya-ku 渋谷区 Yoyogi Park is well-known for its Sundays – bands play live on the sidewalk alongside the park within a few feet away from each other, gothic lolita kids hang out just to have their photos taken, skaters practice their ollies, random “performers” perform. But on weekdays it’s much calmer and […]

National Science Museum

Ueno Kouen 上野公園, Taito-ku 台東区 The temperature on Friday was in the 40’s Celsius. Still, Irena and I wanted to get out of the house for a bit and take the kids somewhere, but outdoors was definitely not a good option. The National Science Museum (Kokuritsu Kagaku Hakubutsukan 国立科学博物館)in Ueno Park turned out to be […]

Shinagawa for Kids

Although Shinagawa is another pretty businessmen-y area in Tokyo, there are a few things to do there that’s fun for kids. Apart from the Epson Aquarium, the Shinagawa Aquarium and viewing the shinkansen at JR Shinagawa station, older kids might enjoy going to the Shinagawa Bowling Center, inside Prince Hotel and there are also a […]

What’s for Lunch?

Meal Muji, Ginza Muji (which means plain or without a pattern in Japanese) is a popular store chain for non-branded housewares, clothing, accessories and food. Ayaka recently took us to the Muji shop in Ginza which has a Meal Muji cafeteria-style restaurant on the 2nd floor. At Meal Muji you can choose one of six […]