Posts from ‘July, 2007’

Shinagawa Aquarium

Shinagawa Suizokukan 品川水族館 This is not the same as the Epson Shinagawa Aquarium. The Shinagawa Suizokukan is a few stations away, walking distance from the Omorikaigan station on the Keihin Kyuko train line.

Moms on the Street

Triton Square, Kachidoki I’ve noticed that in Tokyo it’s pretty common to see mothers going for a stroll wearing high heels, designer accessories and purses. Her heel height is quite low but I’ve seen a few mothers pushing strollers in stilettos. Sun hats also seem to be more popular over sunglasses.

Model Trains Show

Matsuya Department Store, Ginza We saw the Model Trains Show which is being held at the Matsuya department store in Ginza. This is the first time I ever really saw really model train sets complete with landscapes and miniature city props. But from the crowds of boys and men there I can see it is […]

The Tire Park

Tire Koen, Kamata 蒲田, Ota-ku 大田区 This playground in Kamata has many clever uses for old tires. Keiji was very into the “dragons” but not enough to climb them yet. I’m sure when he gets older he’ll be jumping off this tire robot like a couple of older boys there whom he watched very intently. […]

Window Shopping

Urban Dock LaLaport, Toyosu, Koto-ku Dagashiyumeya – fun old-school Japanese style snack shop with all sorts of snacks from various prices, some as little as 10 yen Toy figures of all kinds – anime character dolls, gundam models, kaiju (monsters) figures, superhero action figures, smurf figurines, itchy and scratchy dolls Bornelund great assortment of wooden […]

Snacks for Toddlers

1sai kara no mild potato snack Ganbare! Yasai Kazoku (Do your best! Vegetable Family) vegetable rice crackers with spinach, carrots, and cabbage

Tokyo Dome City for Kids

Tokyo Dome City, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Dome City is the area all around Tokyo Dome, which is Tokyo’s first covered stadium – the home stadium for baseball team Yomiuri Giants. There’s LaQua Shopping Mall, an amusement park, a spa with hot springs, Tokyo Dome Hotel, lots of restaurants and cafes, and also the location of Toy […]

What’s For Dinner?

Sizzler at Tokyo Dome Hotel, Tokyo Dome City The other day Irena, Milie and I treated ourselves and actually ate out for dinner with the kids. We don’t this this too often since we normally try to get home before rush hour and try to keep within a budget on our outings. Since we were […]

Jidoukan Closeup – NishiKanda

Child and Family Support Center, Chiyoda-ku The Child and Family Support Center is so close to Tokyo Dome City and the nicest jidoukan I’ve seen so far.  It’s easy to get to from JR Suidobashi station as well as close to Mita Line Suidobashi Station. So big and bright and new facilities. There’s an infant […]

Library Closeup

Shimbashi Library, Minato-ku Maybe it seems a bit geeky to review a library, but I’ve always liked libraries and now finding English books in a Tokyo library is one of those simple joys in my life. I don’t mind reading the Japanese children’s books to Keiji and Arisa since it helps me improve my Japanese […]