Posts from ‘June, 2007’

Jidoukan Closeup – Takanawa

Takanawa Children’s Hall, Minato-ku I think most Japanese moms just go to the jidoukan in their neighborhood, whichever is closest to their home. They meet other mom friends there and chit-chat while the kids play. But it just so happens, my friends and I all live so far away from each other. So now we […]

Today’s Lunch

Zats Burger Cafe, Koenji My ex-roommate took us to Zats Burger Cafe. Their Sasebo Burger is is yummy! Keiji is not much into burgers or sandwiches so he just ate natural cut fries and Mexican salad (and onigiri, which they didn’t seem to mind was brought from outside).

A Useful Book and a Good Bookshop

I found a pretty handy book, called Japan for Kids. Actually it’s exactly the kind of book I needed and wish I found it sooner. Although the print edition I found is a bit old (1992) a lot of information is still quite relevant. Anyhow, since since the book is used and was also on […]

Shinkansen Viewing

Shinagawa JR Station 品川駅 So today Keiji finally got a closeup look at the shinkansen 新幹線しんかんせん (bullet trains). We were at Shinagawa station and decided to buy the viewing ticket (I think its called nyujyoken kippu)for only 130 yen. That allows you to just stand on the platform and watch the shinkansen come and go. […]

More Matsuri Fun

There are matsuri (festivals) all over Tokyo during the summers. The matsuri, apart from being a time when the mikoshi is carried around for good luck, is actually like a big Japanese block party. Not only is it ok to drink beer outdoors from early morning until late at night, but there are lots of […]

Asakusa for Kids

A trip to Asakusa is a must when family and friends want to see a more traditional Tokyo. This is home to many temples including Sensoji, Tokyo’s largest Buddhist temple and the famous giant lantern on Kaminarimon.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort I’ve been putting off this post for the longest time, since Tokyo Disney Resort seemed like so much content to write about. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, California or to the Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World, Florida, it’s pretty much the same thing except that all the characters in Tokyo […]

What’s for Lunch?

Koyanagi, Asakusa I hope it’s not becoming politically incorrect to like eating eel, since we just enjoyed unagi for lunch. It seems it may be soon be on the endangered species list, like blue fin tuna. Well, if you don’t feel to guilty it’d be worth trying the unagi at Koyanagi in Asakusa, just a […]

A Tour of a Typical Japanese Apartment

The Tatami Room Almost every apartment in Tokyo has at least 1 tatami room, meaning the flooring or that room is made of tatami mats. Most rooms in Japan, even with wood flooring, are still measured by the number of tatami it can hold. The typical room is about 6 tatami. The tatami room in […]

Birthday Party!

I really wanted to have a birthday party for the kids this year. Normally I would just throw a little party at our home but our current apartment is just too small and not comfortable for entertaining. So I thought, “Where can I throw a birthday party?”