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Hello Kitty Doremifa

La La Port Mall, Toyosu Tokyo Bay Here are some pics from the Hello Kitty Doremifa play space at the La La Port mall in Tokyo Bay. The kids all enjoyed. Too bad it’s a bit too expensive to go there on a regular basis.

Marunouchi for Kids

We were looking for a close place to do a little sightseeing, where Grandma hasn’t been yet so we decided to go to Marunouchi and check out what’s there. The area is not one I associate with children so it was a bit of a challenge finding some place fun for Keiji and Arisa. But […]

What’s for Lunch?

Konaya, Oazo building Marunouchi Konaya is a restaurant chain which serves only curry udon. We went to the one inside the Oazo building in Marunouchi. Quite nice. The regular curry udon soup tasted sweeter than the one I tried with the beef slices, which was heavier. They also have curry udon with tempura or bananas. […]

Sanja Matsuri

Asakusa 浅草, Taito-ku 台東区 Milie, Aki and Wes invited us and some other families to take part in the Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa. It was really fun. If it hadn’t been for Milie putting together a small party to celebrate the festival I don’t think we ever would’ve had a chance to go to see […]

What’s for Lunch?

Zip Zap, Harajuku Yummy juicy burger from Zip Zap in Harajuku. It was so hard to order since the sandwiches all looked and sounded so tasty. My mom had the tuna melt which was also so good. K doesn’t like hamburger sandwiches much but he liked the vegetable soup and shoestring fries that came with […]

A Trip to IKEA

IKEA Kohoku Yokohama 横浜, Kanagawa-ken 神奈川県 I don’t know why but I decided to take a little trip to IKEA with the kids. I think maybe its because I actually do feel slightly homesick rather than have a need for furniture. Not that I am from Sweden, but our old NY apartment was furnished mainly […]

What’s For Lunch?

Japanese Vegetarian Meal at Tan-Etsu, Tokyo Midtown Grandma and Obaa-chan are both in town , which means we get to eat out somewhere special! We ate at Tan-Etsu in Tokyo Midtown. I tried the Shojin Bento and it was the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever had, even though I’m far from being vegetarian. Everything had […]

What’s for Lunch?

Queen’s Tower, Yokohama This place is good. I’m not a sushi expert but I can at least tell when it’s good or bad. I usually also take Yuki’s word for it, since he was a sushi chef in New York. And he said in a somewhat surprised tone after his first bite that this place […]


At Queen’s Tower, Yokohama 横浜, Kanagawa-ken 神奈川県  Take a look at adorable designer chairs for kids, Star Wars Lego and more…

The New Anpanman Museum

Yokohama,Kanagawa We went to the new Anpanman Museum in Yokohama. It’s a really cute place with everything Anpanman. It’s still pretty crowded though, and even on a weekday we had to line up everywhere – inside the Children’s museum for kids to enter the Anpanman-mobile and even for kids to go on the big Anpanman […]