Posts from ‘April, 2007’

The start of Golden Week

Golden Week started yesterday. I always knew Golden Week in Japan is a week of holidays, but I never really knew exactly what. So I finally Google it to find out more. Since we live here now I think really should know the national holidays. And now I know that during Golden Week there are […]

How do they make these?

We saw this kamaboko かまぼこ蒲鉾 with Micky Mouse printed on it. Kamaboko is made of fish pureed to a paste consistency and then steamed to form the loaf shape. It’s often eaten with hot noodle soups. How they get the image on there? It’s throughout the entire roll and when you cut it Mickey’s face is […]

Children’s Halls じどうかいかん

The children’s halls or jidoukans (short for jidou kaikan 児童会館じどうかいかん) are free activity centers for children of all ages. There are children’s halls in every town in Tokyo…and I guess all over Japan? I’m trying to learn about what these facilities offer.

Kasai Rinkai Park 葛西臨海公園 and Aquarium

Kasai Rinkai Park かさいりんかいこうえん 葛西臨海公園,  Edogawa えどがわ 江戸川 We went to Kasai Rinkai Park today. What a beautiful park! It’s really huge ….and kind of a much cleaner Flushing Meadow Park. Quite nice that it has lots of grassy areas, shrubs and trees just as nature had placed them, rather than looking overly landscaped to a picture […]

Flashback – Kamakura Outing

Kamakura かまくら鎌倉, Kanagawa Prefecture Back in December we went to visit friends of my mother-in-law in Kanagawa. So on our way there we stopped by Kamakura, known as a mini Kyoto for all the temples and shrines. We did stop by Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, but since all the adults had been there before we decided […]

Searching for Grass (To Sit On)

Tokyo Midtown 東京ミッドタウン, Roppongi ろっぽんぎ 六本木 Today was such a beautiful Spring day so at the last minute I decided to take Keiji and Arisa to the new Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi, which is a few blocks away from Roppongi Hills. Why Tokyo Midtown? It’s supposed to just be a fancy high-rise office building with […]

Harajuku for Kids

Harajuku 原宿, Shibuya-ku I think a trip to Harajuku is inevitable when friends or family visit Tokyo. Everyone who comes to Tokyo wants to see the Harajuku teens. But apart from Yoyogi Park there isn’t much I’ve found where I can take the kids.

Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo 上野公園 

Ueno 上野 Ling Ling the Panda is the Ueno Zoo mascot but I’ve never yet seen her awake. Ueno Zoo is also home to elephants, a polar bear, tigers, lions, gorillas, reptiles, birds, penguins, sea lions, otters, monkeys and many more animals. Keiji particularly liked watching the otter do a routine where he would swim […]

Today’s Lunch

Hanami picnic bento One of Keiji’s favorite Filipino dishes: longanisa sausages with garlic rice, fried egg and cherry tomatoes (typically served at breakfast). Here it is before packed up in the box.

First Hanami

Yoyogi Park (Yoyogi Kouen 代々木公園), Harajuku Keiji and Arisa had their very first hanami picnic. There are so many places to see sakura but we chose to spend the day at Yoyogi Park one Sunday when the sakura trees were in full bloom and it was just great. It was so alive with many groups […]