Posts from ‘March, 2007’

One-of-a-kind Quilts

These beautiful quilts were made by Keiji and Arisa’s obaa-chan. The pink one was all sewn by hand.

Asukayama Park 飛鳥山公園

Asukayama Park (あすかやまこうえん 飛鳥山公園), Kita  きた 北 Some AFWJ mothers and I spent an afternoon at Asukayama Park in Oji to have a hanami picnic with the kids. There’s an excellent playground area there, with life-size model steam engine kids can enter, and a fun big castle slide structure. There are also smaller playgrounds for toddlers. Lots […]

Rockabye Baby

I wish I had known about this sooner…lullaby versions of songs by The Cure, Radiohead, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Bjork, even The Pixies. Baby Rock Records

Roppongi Hills for Kids

 Roppongi 六本木, Minato-ku 港区 Roppongi is not a very easy place to go with kids. It’s crowded and busy like Times Square and it’s generally not a children’s area. But there are a lot of families who live in the area so you can find parks and playgrounds. If you must go with infants and/or […]

National Children’s Castle

こどものしろ こどもの城,  Shibuya渋谷 The National Children’s Castle is 5 floors of activity areas for children of all ages. Children who can run and walk independently will probably enjoy more of the facilities, but there are some areas where young crawlers can also safely play.

A Day With the Sea Life

Epson Aquarium, Shinagawaしながわ品川 My sister-in-law, Ayaka and I recently took our kids (two 2 1/2 year olds, a 10-month old and a 6 month old) to the Epson Aquarium in Shinagawa. It’s an easy stroll from the Shinagawa station to the aquarium, which is inside one of the Prince Hotels. Although rather small, the Epson […]

Not bad for 300 yen….

I love to find fun stuff for the home. I love to visit apartment therapy for inspiration. But after moving to Tokyo and trying to settle in, home decorating is the first thing to be cut off the budget. So if I can find something super cheap but still pretty cute I am happy the […]

What’s for lunch?

La Zona, Kawasaki 川崎 We treated ourselves today. Instead of the usual bento, we ate out for lunch. On weekends and holidays it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t require a long wait. After walking around LaZona’s 4th floor for a bit we finally decided on restaurant Hateruma はてるま波照間 specializing in food from Okinawa.

March 3rd is Girls’ Day

In Japan March 3rd is a holiday (but not a national holiday) called Doll’s Festival, Hina Matsuriひなまつり雛祭り。Girls display a set of dolls of an emperor and an empress called hina ningyoひなにんぎょう雛人形。The dolls are set up on display a few days before March 3rd and packed away no later than March 3rd because there is a […]

Toy Kingdom, Tokyo Dome City

This is a child’s heaven! Imagine a HUGE playroom with every toy imaginable just spread out for you to play with, and not having to clean up after. Toy Kingdom has practically every toy for young children that is in the Japanese market… and in multiple quantities so there is never a problem of kids […]