Posts from ‘February, 2007’

Choo-choo Shu-shu-po-po

American locomotives go choo-choo and Japanese locomotives go shu-shu-po-po. I very well can’t have a blog about kids’ stuff without featuring anything on train sets. Keiji would never hear of such a thing. It’s a bit of an understatement to say he loves trains. And it seems this holds true for every young boy I’ve […]

Kawasaki for Kids

We are actually not too far from Kawasaki so I decided to check it out. One of the AFWJ mothers was kind enough to tell be about the Sky Court rooftop playground on the 5th floor of Be department store Kawasaki.

What’s For Lunch?

I quickly realized that packed lunches in Japan are completely different from the lunches I remember as a child. The bento弁当 is such a big thing and nothing like the brown bag lunches I used to bring to school.